Private Yoga Sessions

COMING SOON! Swaati’s 15-min yoga flow!

Maybe you’re curious to try yoga to enhance your pelvic health. Maybe class times don’t work for you and your schedule. Maybe the class environment is not your thing or movement does not feel right with your back, hip or pelvic tension. 

That’s totally ok. Swaati get’s it!

You don’t need another item to add to your schedule or to-do list. But please understand this, taking time out for yourself is not a “thing to get done if you have time” it is essential to take care of yourself in order to continue doing what you do on a daily basis. This 1:1 yoga for pelvic health is not just stretching or relieving pain, it is self-care for your body, your mind and your energy. Without this time you are running on empty, which doesn’t serve you or the people you love.

Yoga in Whitby

Yoga with Swaati’s private yoga sessions are great for you if you’re experiencing:

If you are experiencing any other conditions, Swaati will take the time to discuss this in detail with you then tailor your practice to your needs!

Yoga with Swaati, 1:1 private yoga sessions are personalized to your needs and can include (but are not limited) to the following:

This does not have to be serious and rigid!

yoga for pelvic health

How does ‘Yoga with Swaati’ work?

It’s easy! Simply contact Swaati by email or through the form on this websites Contact Page.

Swaati will reach out, replying within 24 hours to discuss your needs, what you’re interested in, and the services she provides.

You will be asked to fill out the following Yoga with Swaati Health Questionnaire

If you decide to move forward, Swaati will then book an introductory session to further discuss your needs and explore options.

Swaati will create a plan for your pelvic health yoga sessions that will be specifically personalized to meet your needs and preferences.

Thank you for checking out Yoga with Swaati!

MEET SWAATI or VIBE and BOOK NOW for personalized yoga to enhance your health!

“Fall in love with taking care of yourself. Mind, body and spirit.” – Jill Conyers